about us

Dido is a digital advertising platform that aims to grow the advertising industry at utmost features and envision to bring the latest technologies in this field. It introduced Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as its services to implement into Restaurant and Cafe Businesses to present the environment with VR and foods in AR.
No more mistakes to go to a restaurant or ask others recommendations about the atmosphere of the restaurant and the quality of their food.
For the first time in the restaurant and cafe industry , Dido team show the space and the food of restaurant and cafes 360 degrees and 3D on its platform.
So to choose a restaurant, you first look at the restaurant in dido using VR, see the menu, check the food on your table in three dimensions (AR) then choose the best restaurant to go and also you can even share the restaurant location for easier access

Dido distinguishes

– Display the environment inside restaurants through virtual realit
(For the first time in the world)
– Display the size and shape of foods through augmented reality
(For the first time in the world)
– Ability to route from the application to the restaurant
(For the first time in the world)
 – The only specialized application for cafes / restaurants